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Linksys Communication Products Features

Wireless-G BroadBand Router

Internet-sharing Router ,

4-port 10/100 Switch, and Wireless-G (802.11g) Access Point

2 built-in internal antenna

Push button setup feature makes wireless configuration secure and simple

High security: WEP (WPA2), wireless MAC address filtering, powerful SPI firewall

LELA -Linksys EasyLink Advisor RangePlus Wireless Router

Features and Benefits:

Internet-sharing Router and 4-port Switch, with a built in speed and range

MIMO smart antenna technology that reduced dead spots

Much faster than Wireless-G when connected to Wireless-N, but also works great with Wireless-G and -B devices

Wireless signals protected by wireless encryption, and your network protected from Internet attacks by a powerful SPI firewall

NAS200 –Network Attached Storage

Key Features / Benefits

Stream music or watch HD video stored on NAS200 on a Digital Media Adapter like Kiss DP-1600

Built-in UPnP Media Server supports multiple HD streams

DLNA 1.5 Compliant

Two 3.5” SATA drive bays

Plus two external USB ports for connecting additional storage devices.

No practical limit on storage - capacity based on installed drives

True NAS device: (No dedicated PC required)

Includes advanced Backup Software with 1-button backup feature

Includes remote Access software (DDNS)

Linksys VPN routers can be used to securely connect a remote office location to a corporate network or to connect traveling users to a home office.

•  A high-reliability Internet connection-sharing router and switch for small business

•  Advanced SPI firewall protects your PCs from most known Internet attacks

•  Features dual Internet ports for load balancing and connection redundancy


New Linksys Business Series Smart Gigabit Ethernet Switches deliver cost-effective switching solutions that are ideal for small businesses or workgroups within larger organizations. These high-speed switches offer entry-level management without the cost and complexity of a full Layer 2 managed switch.

•  5 Gigabit Ethernet ports ideal for small workgroups moving large files

•  Can obtain power from a standard 802.3af PoE switch or from an external AC power outlet

•  Entry-level management at a cost-effective price point

Easy to use Web browser interface make installation quick and easy

Cisco Communication Products Features

A systems approach begins with a single, resilient platform such as the Cisco integrated services routers. A systems approach combines packaging with intelligent services within and between services, and weaves voice, security, routing, and application services together, so that processes become more automated and more intelligent. The results are pervasive security in the network and applications; higher QoS for data, voice, and video traffic; increased time to productivity; and better use of network resources.

With the integrated services router, Cisco offers a comprehensive, future-proofed solution that minimizes network outages and ensures access to the most business-critical applications. Cisco's focus on integrating new infrastructure services with performance enables companies to create networks that are more intelligent, resilient, and reliable. For organizations of all sizes that need fast, secure access to today's mission-critical applications as well as a foundation for future growth, Cisco routers:

•  Provide the industry's first portfolio engineered for secure, wire-speed delivery of concurrent data, voice, and video services

•  Embed security and voice services into a single routing system

•  Use an integrated systems approach to embedded services that speeds application deployment and reduces operating costs and complexity

•  Provide unparalleled services performance and investment protection

Unlike specialized niche products, Cisco Integrated Services Routers embed security and voice services as a single resilient system for ease of deployment, simplified management, and lower operating costs. Cisco routers provide the secure communications solutions you need today, while laying the foundation for tomorrow's Intelligent Information Networks.

In addition, Cisco Integrated Services Routers:

•  Provide fast, secure access to mission-critical business applications and unmatched investment protection for future growth, enabling organizations to easily deploy and manage converged communications solutions with end-to-end security for maximum end user productivity

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• Feature industry-leading services densities, bandwidth, availability, and performance options for maximum configuration flexibility and scalability for the most demanding networking environments

Provide a broad range of voice densities and services, allowing customers to easily enable end-to-end, best-in-class IP Communications solutions, while providing a foundation for future growth and investment protection

re the only routers that allow organizations to build a foundation for an intelligent, self-defending network, featuring best-in-class security services and routing technologies for the lowest total cost of ownership and highest return on investment.

Enterprise Wireless

Increase Productivity

•  Access network, information, and applications wherever you are

•  Access voice over WLAN, guest access, and context-aware services

•  Access network resources in real time

Wireless Network Security

Safeguard Your Network

•  Maintain consistent user identity

•  Secure and manage the network as a business asset

•  Ensure business continuity, overcome threats, and facilitate regulatory compliance

Unified Connection over WLAN

Ubiquitous Collaboration

•  Give employees access to their team wherever they are

•  Support data, voice, and video communications with one integrated network

•  Collaborate with a variety of mobile devices

Guest Access

Convenient, Secure Access

•  Realize benefits without weakening security or draining resources

•  Integrate internal and guest traffic on a single infrastructure

•  Prioritize network use by application or data type

Location/Context Aware

Put Your Assets in Motion

•  Analyze mobile assets and their users to improve productivity

•  Gather contextual information to make better business decisions

•  Detect and mitigate interference or security threats

Outdoor Wireless

Secure, High-Speed Access

•  Enhance public safety and information access

•  Connect fixed and mobile applications across metropolitan areas

Link campus and branch offices at a lower cost

D-Link Communication Products Features
Wireless Home Networking

A wireless router makes it possible for you to share high speed Internet access and connect all computers in your home. Wireless router is the invisible, powerful centerpiece and foundation for you Digital Home Network.

Wireless N
The D-Link Wireless N family provides better wireless coverage and faster data transfer speeds than existing wireless 802.11g technology. The router features D-Link Intelligent Antenna

technology that transmits multiple streams of data for uninterrupted service. The Wireless N adapter lets you unleash the power on your PC or laptop.

RangeBooster N Performance
The D-Link RangeBooster N family provides an affordable dual band solution for activities that require more bandwidth, like streaming video

and uninterrupted VoIP telephony. Simply select the less-congested 5Ghz band on your dual band Rangebooster N router and adapter. The router features a more powerful

processor, D-Link's Intelligent Antenna technology and award-winning QoS (Quality of Service) so you can do more at once.

Xtreme N Gigabit

The D-Link Xtreme N family delivers up to 14x faster speeds* and 6x farther range* than an 802.11g wireless network. The router features our most powerful processor, D-Link's Intelligent Antenna technology along with 3 antennas and award-winning QoS (Quality of Service) engine to handle multiple powerusers on your network at the same time. Xtreme N PC and laptop adapters maximize your experience.

Super G Wireless: Faster G throughput • Two antennas

Wireless 108G
Enhanced Wireless G: Faster G throughput

Wireless G
Basic Wireless: High speed • Basic coverage • Security features

Wireless Accessories: Extend the range of your router and adapter

Personal Wireless: Add your computer & peripherals to your bluetooth network

Cabling Communication Products Features


The Belden® offers over 3,000 wire and cable products – all designed and built through use of a formal, documented Quality Management System that is based on our Quality Policy and the ISO 9000 family of international standards. We were the first UL Registered Wire and Cable Company to receive registration to ISO 9001:2002.

BeldenCable™ is the signature brand manufactured by Belden and includes such products as multi-conductor, paired, coaxial, flat and fiber optic cables, plus portable cordage, molded cable assemblies, hook-up and lead wire. Key market brands include: Brilliance® entertainment/broadcast cables, New Generation® sound, security and alarm cables, IndustrialTuff® industrial/factory floor cables, HomeChoice® residential cables, and DataTwist® networking cables.


Coaxial cables are perhaps the most common, basic and easy-to-understand cables. Basically, they are used to transmit electrical

energy, or signals, from one location to another: to connect a source to a load, such as a transmitter to an antenna. Coaxial cable (coax) is typically identified or classified according to its impedance or RG-type; for example, a 50-ohm coax or an RG-8 type.

A coaxial cable consists of two conductors separated by a dielectric material. The center conductor and the outer conductor, or shield, are configured in such a way that they form concentric cylinders with a common axis (hence co-axial).


Belden's Fiber Optic cable line answers the diverse, and often complex, needs of today's advanced networks. Not only do these cables future-proof your network, they also fully organize your network while protecting it from the environment.

Basic Elements

The three basic elements of a fiber optic cable are the core, the cladding and the coating.


This is the light transmission area of the fiber, either glass or plastic. The larger the core, the

more light that will be transmitted into the fiber.


The function of the cladding is to provide a lower refractive index at the core interface in order to cause reflection within the core so that light waves are transmitted through the fiber.


Coatings are usually multi-layers of plastic applied to preserve fiber strength, absorb shock and provide extra fiber protection. These buffer coatings are available from 250 microns to 900 microns.

Flat Cable

Belden® Flat cables are designed using the same expertise and design sophistication that made Belden a leader in round cable. Our extensive line, typically used for electronic interconnect applications, includes Gray Ribbon, Rainbow, VariTwist® and Shielded and Jacketed Flat cable options.

The simplicity of flat cable design, with its parallel conductor geometry, eliminates many of the common sources of wiring error and malfunction. Registration of the conductors is one-to-one with the terminating connector or board so that proper contact assignment is

almost automatic. Flat cables also fold and bend readily, conforming to the mounting area, and they fasten easily with clamps, adhesive, or double-faced tape. Since the conductors are visible and in a fixed position within the dielectric coding, inspection and circuit tracing are simplified. And, because the conductor spacing is fixed and the geometry of the cable is constant, the electrical characteristics such as impedance, capacitance, inductance, time delay, crosstalk and attenuation are consistent.

Molded Cable Assemblies

Belden® molded cable assemblies are designed for long life and reliable performance in a variety of input/output (I/O) and keyboard interface applications. Among the many features of the cable assemblies are these performance-enhancing attributes:

 1. Shielding

2. Handles

3. Connectors

4. Retention Systems

5. Wiring Patterns

6. Cables


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