UPS Features


•  Best Value & High Performance Battery Backup & Protection for Business Computers

•  Performance power protection for entry-level servers, voice and data networks, servers, and voice and data networks.

•  Customized UPS solutions designed for IT, industrial, marine, medical, military, mobile, and other applications.

Scanner Features


For home users who want to restore or archive photos, and SMBs who need to scan and digitise documents (such as important financial forms, letters and newspaper articles) for archiving and sharing purposes.


• Capture true-to-original colour for your creative projects with HP's exclusive, 6-colour, 96-bit photo scanning. Get high-definition detail with 4800 x 9600-dpi resolution 1 .

• Easily restore colours to old, faded photos, and remove dust or scratches with HP Real Life technologies' scanning software. Give photos a more vibrant, realistic quality with HP Adaptive Lighting which brighten darker areas and bring out details.

• Easily convert documents and images to digital files using the 4 one-touch buttons: Scan, Scan Film, Copy and HP Photosmart Instant Share. Archive or share via email and edit text from scanned documents.

•  High Scan speed in preview mode

•  Built-in Transparent Materials Adapter (TMA); five 35 mm slides or six 35 mm negative frames

•  Up to 4800 x 9600 dpi

4 front-panel buttons (Scan, Scan film, Copy, Scan to PDF)

•  Hi-Speed USB - compatible with USB 2.0 specifications

•  Capable of OCR(Optical Character Recognition)

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Business Scanners

•  Work Fast, Work Smart

•  Efficient A3 Document Scanner for a Paperless Workflow

•  The Cornerstone to a Paperless Office Environment

•  Epson Digital Filing System - Store, Search and Share with Epson

High-speed duplex business scanning solution

Unsurpassed efficiency with network connectivity option

Absolute reliability for high volume scanning

Improve Workplace Productivity

•  Fast scan speeds up to27ppm

•  ADF capacity of up to 50 sheets of paper

•  High-speed USB2.0 interface

Network efficiency in the Office

•  Increase efficiency without additional equipment costs

•  Only Scanner in its class with this network connectivity feature

•  Easy network configuration

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Memory Features


System Specific Memory

Memory designed, manufactured and tested to the specifications of each particular brand name computer system. (i.e. memory for Dell Dimension XPS)


HyperX Memory

High Performance DDR3 & DDR2 memory for PC enthusiasts, specially engineered and tested for higher speeds, with an aluminum heat spreader for thermal diffusion.


USB Flash memory drives, perfect for data-storage mobility.



CF cards for digital cameras, PDAs and MP3 players.

Secure Digital - Photo/Video

SD cards for digital cameras, PDAs, MP3 players and cell phones.

ValueRAM Memory

Kingston's value-priced line of industry-standard, generic memory manufactured to a particular specification (i.e. 533MHz DDR2 PC2-4200)

Secure Digital - Mobile

For your Mobile Phone, Media Player, PDA, GPS and more.

Media Readers

Allows data transfer between flash cards and PCs.


Projector Features

EPSON Projectors

The Power of 3 creates projectors that are BEYOND Amazing.

Amazing Color: Astonishing true-to-life colors

Incredible Detail: Smooth, Seamless color combined with an unparalleled grayscale range delivers incredible detail to every image displayed by a 3LCD Projectors .

Higher Brightness: 3LCD technology delivers sharper and brighter images with superior grayscale detail.

3LCD Technology achieves brighter, more natural and smoother, sharper video playback. No color break-up makes images gentler on the eyes.

Global Manufacturer of LCD

•  Epson has been manufacturing Liquid Crystal Displays(LCD) since 1973

•  Liquid Crystal Display is the heart and soul of all LCD Projectors

Imaging on Glass

Epson Innovative Technology: E-TORL

•  Epson Twin Optimized Reflection Lamp

•  Develop a small, high performance “E-TORL” lamps efficiently gather and project light to effectively eliminate light-leakage and minimize light diffraction.

Imaging on Screen

Epson Projectors Number 1 in the market share worldwide.

•  At the very heart of every Epson Projector is a tradition of innovation . A tradition that has seen Epson's Leadership established not by the company itself, but the millions of users worldwide.

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Canon Optical Box Technology

Located behind the projection lens is an optical box, the component that processes light within the projector. It is designed exclusively by Canon to deliver superior color quality.

Canon uses its industry-leading expertise in optical technology to set a new standard in image quality for micro-portable projectors.

Clear Prism

Canon's optical box features the innovative Clear Prism, which offers better performance than conventional cross-dichroic prisms. The Clear Prism has two key design advantages:

• Its parts do not all intersect at one point. This eliminates the appearance of faint vertical lines in the projected image.

• No two LCD panels face each other. This prevents the unwanted transmission of light onto an opposing LCD panel, which can disrupt the panel from operating properly. As a result, the Clear Prism ensures high resolution in the red and blue channels for clearer images.

The free surface mirror is another example of how Canon effectively uses its optical know-how to produce a better, more reliable compact projector for business and home theater applications.

Free surface mirror

Canon is the only manufacturer to incorporate a free surface mirror within a projector's optical box. The free surface mirror makes two important contributions to projector design:

• It helps minimize the number of parts used to process red light inside the optical box.

• It contributes to a lighter and more compact body, an essential feature for micro-portable projector users.

Turbo Bright Mode

Razor sharp images in the brightest rooms

Developed specifically for brightly lit rooms, Canon's new Turbo Bright System increases the brightness of projected images by 25%. Most projectors reduce the orange light (wave length: 570 ~ 600nm) to balance out the colours. In contrast Canon's sophisticated Turbo Bright technology utilises the orange to optimise the light rays from the lamp through the projection lens - without distorting the overall colour balance. The result is clear, vivid projection of text, data and images - even in well lit conditions. When projecting in darker rooms, simply switch back to the standard mode for the finest natural colours Turbo Bright can be used whenever you use your Canon projector without any increase of power consumption, lamp wear, or cost.

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