Epson Printers Features

The Complete Home and Office Integrated Solution to all your printing, copying and scanning needs. It offers superior, award-winning technologies from Epson to give you outstanding performance!

Epson Stylus series - photo quality printers

The Epson Stylus inkjet printers offer brilliant photo quality printing for a wide variety of application from the entry level home

printers through to professional printers. Epson's exclusive water, fade and smudge resistant DURABrite ink is featured in selected models.

Epson Stylus Photo series - premium photo quality printers

The Epson Stylus Photo series range of inkjet printers offer photographic quality prints that are highly appreciated by photographic professionals. The award winning printers increase the

range of printable colours, smoothen skin tones and eliminate graininess.

Multi-Function Laser

Maximise your business efficiency and improve bottom-line with Epson's multifunctional colour printing devices.

Color Laser

For unrivaled output quality, laser-quick business printing, powerful networking

capabilities and an intelligent user interface for your corporate communications.


Epson Monochrome Laser Printers provide for efficient network printing through multi-platform and network compatibility. Laser printing technology at its best.

HP Printers Features

HP Printers

The unparalleled leader in printing & imaging technologies, HP offers you a comprehensive suite of laser & inkjet printers, scanners, multifunction & large format printers, to complement your business printing needs. With industry leading technology expertise, you can always count on HP printers to deliver brilliant print quality, strong performance capabilities and ease of use.

Ideal for lab-quality photos and everyday documents

All-in-one and single-function inkjet printers

Memory card slots for direct photo printing without a PC

Displays for quick photo previewing (most models)

Standard, portable, and wide-format models

Ideal for high-speed, high-volume, high-quality printing

•  All-in-one and single function laser printers

•  Color and black-and-white models for businesses of all sizes

•  Networking and advanced paper handling available

•  Standard and wide format models

Ideal for everyday text and simple photo printing

•  All-in-one and single function inkjet printers

•  Standard and portable models

Wide-format inkjets optimized for photos and graphics

•  Exceptionally high quality: faithful color reproduction and consistency

•  Printing in a variety of sizes, wide range of media types

Canon Printers Features

Canon Printer

Print Head Technology from a Completely Different Perspective


Conventional Bubble Jet Ink-Ejection Process

FINE (Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering) is an innovative key technology for inkjet printers developed in response to the challenge of simultaneously increasing both image quality and print speed. Rather than refining existing technologies, Canon engineers went back to the origin of the company's Bubble Jet technology and reexamined the ejection mechanism and print

head manufacturing technology from a completely different angle, resulting in dramatic improvements in image quality, tonal expression, and image stability.

Ejection mechanism for accurate placement of microscopic ink droplets as small as 1 pl

FINE Ink-Ejection Process

Microscopic ink droplets and ejection precision are the keys to high image quality. With conventional ejection systems, however, the finer the ink droplets, the more vulnerable they are to disturbances from print head movement and changes in ink viscosity due to temperature fluctuations, resulting in uneven and inconsistent ink dot placement.

Canon's FINE ejection system ensures all the ink under the heater is pushed out in a single thrust, creating precise, uniform droplets. Additionally, ejection speed has been increased to more than 1.5 times that of conventional systems, enabling more efficient application of ink droplets by reducing their susceptibility to airflow disturbances and increasing placement accuracy.

Canon's PIXMA MP810 ejects ink droplets as small as 1 picoliter (one trillionth of a liter) with exceptional precision, achieving excellent placement accuracy on the paper.

Print head manufacturing technologies using nano-precision semiconductor exposure equipment

Achieving smaller droplets and higher print speeds requires high-precision fabrication technologies to enable the placement of a greater number of nozzles over a wider area.

With ordinary inkjet printers, print heads are fabricated by bonding components fitted with fine grooves and holes. Limitations in the precision of component fabrication and bonding associated with this approach make it impossible to arrange great numbers of nozzles in a precise, uniform manner.

Supported by FINE technology, Canon print heads are made by integrating the heater and the nozzles into a single unit on a wafer using a process that makes the most of the company's expertise in semiconductor production, as well as its original material technologies and innovative processing technologies. The ability to fabricate nozzles with high precision over large areas without bonding processes makes it possible to arrange 6,000 or more nozzles within an area measuring a mere 20 mm x 16 mm — the size of a thumbnail.

Oki Printers Features

Oki Printer

LED technology

OKI Electric developed its LED printhead technology for electro-photographic printing for reliable printing in various applications.

Laser systems rely on elaborate combinations of rotating mirrors and lenses that must remain in alignment through use. The laser scans from one end of a line to another, then zig-zags down to the next line.

LED technology uses a Light Emitting Diode printhead as a light source within the imaging device. Unlike laser systems, the LED printhead is solid-state and has no moving parts. The LED bar pulse-flashes across the entire page width and creates the image on the print drum as it moves down.

OKI also has a straight-line paper path that's less susceptible to jams when feeding heavy stock, envelopes or labels.

LED technology is the future. We're so sure of this that we guarantee the printhead of every OKI page printer for five full years — by far the longest warranty in the industry!


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