IBM Storage Devices
With IBM Express products, you can have "all the blue without the big." IBM's hardware combines technical innovation with built-in reliability, designed to meet your business needs and budget. These systems are easy to install, deploy and manage. And with IBM Financing are more affordable than ever.

IBM System x servers
Experience top x86 performance, flexibility, and reliability at a price right for your business.

IBM BladeCenter servers
Many servers in one chassis

Power Systems (System i, System p)
A single, energy efficient easy-to-deploy platform for all your UNIX, Linux and IBM i applications

Disk storage systems
Storage solutions designed to provide high performance and low total cost of ownership

Tape storage systems
Cost-effective storage systems for long-term storage and data encryption on the drive itself

SAN storage systems
Switches, storage, software, services and solutions for the multi–protocol environment

NAS storage systems
Reliable, powerful, scalable modular storage with exceptional value
Lenovo Hard Drives Features

Lenovo Storage

Lenovo offers CD-Rom Drives, Diskette Drives, Harddisk Drives and Memory Key compatible to you Lenovo Thinkcentre and Thinkpads.

CD-Rom Drives

• Improved software helps save installation time, now requiring only one reboot versus the six needed to install all of the included software with previous versions of this drive.

• Bundled with a comprehensive software package to help you get the most out of your drive including: WinDVD Creator for editing/authoring your own videos, WinDVD for DVD Video playback, RecordNow for burning CDs and DVDs and SimpleBackup for backing up your data**.

• Buffer underrun protection helps prevent write errors and wasted media to help save you time and money.

• When you integrate a ThinkCentre accessory into a ThinkCentre desktop computer that lists the accessory as a supported one (check compatibility), it's covered under the ThinkCentre system's limited warranty; on specific models, this can provide a longer warranty period for the accessory.

Rigorous testing proves our accessories meet the highest standards so you can be certain of top quality.

• Backed by renowned IBM Service and Support.


As you add applications and data, you might need to add more storage capability to handle the load. Increase your hard drive capacity with a larger primary system hard drive.


Super-slim, lightweight, sturdy, and attractive USB-attached diskette drive takes its power requirements from the USB port. No external power adapter is required making this diskette drive fully mobile. The USB Portable Diskette Drive reads and writes 1.44MB diskette media and 720KB. Industry standard USB connectivity offers convenient connectivity to the most laptops and desktops with a functional USB port

Flash Drives

Small, lightweight, flash memory storage devices that let users share data between notebook and desktop systems that have a functional USB 1.1 or 2.0 port. The storage can be used for text, presentations, spreadsheets, multimedia files, images or any other information that needs to be backed up or shared. The keys are plug-and-play ready and do not require any software drivers. They can also be used to boot Lenovo, ThinkPad and ThinkCentre systems which have boot-from-USB enabled in their BIOS.

Seagate Hard Drives Features

Seagate Storage

When it comes to data management, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) often have the same concerns as Fortune 2000 companies, but fewer resources with which to address them. Unlike larger companies, most SMBs do not have on-site security officers or data storage professionals. In these companies, data storage and management responsibilities are often left to a very busy IT staff member.

Whether your business is a two-person operation or you have just hired your 100th employee, your data needs are continually growing. Customer databases, email, financial data, marketing

and support materials increase at an amazing rate. The longer you wait to implement a data management plan, the greater the risk and cost to your business.

What You Can Do Now

Managing your data isn't difficult, but it shouldn't be left to chance. A well-designed and easy-to-maintain plan can go a long way in protecting your company.

Backups—Catastrophic data losses can be avoided by having a good backup plan. Deciding how often you should back up your data depends on how valuable your data is. If you lost a week's worth of data, how would that impact your business? A day's worth?

An hour's? Once you've decided how often you need to back up your data you can choose between internal mirrored drives or external storage. As part of your plan, you should consider maintaining a regular backup outside your local region to protect your data in case of a catastrophic regional event.

Reliability—Make sure the data storage solutions you select come with solid warranties, have high MTBF (mean time between failure) ratings and are backed by an experienced vendor.

Security— Security means more than just erecting a firewall. Make sure that your employees use strong passwords that are


changed on a regular basis and aren't shared with other employees. In addition, mobile computers and devices should be encrypted in case of loss or theft. Full-disk-encryption (FDE) solutions encript data on the disk as it's being written—the ideal way to prevent unauthorized access to data on a lost or stolen laptop. FDE solutions also simplify the process of wiping the drive clean of data when the equipment is retired or repurposed.
Imation Storage Features

Imation Storage

Whether you're creating home movies on DVD or personalized music CDs, backing up your laptop data or responsible for backing up your company's entire network, Imation has the solutions you need for managing your growing information needs. From optical and magnetic media to USB flash drives,

Imation has the broadest product portfolio in the industry.

Technology world leader

Imation is the world's leading provider of removable data storage products designed to help customers create, protect, and retrieve valuable digital assets. With more than 50 years advancing the performance of removable data storage media formats, Imation is the only developer and manufacturer in this industry with the technology,

partnerships, and vision to lead the industry into the future. With a sole focus on removable data media, we develop, manufacture, and sell premium optical and magnetic media technologies to businesses and people who want to capture, create, protect and preserve their digital information.

From large data centers to distributed networks that rely on Imation tape cartridges for data processing, security, business continuity, backup and archiving applications, to consumers and

small businesses who depend on Imation's CD and DVD discs to store, edit and manage business data, photos, video, images and music on professional and home desktops. Each and every product we deliver carries Imation's more than half century of dedication to developing the world's most reliable removable data storage products — today and into the future.
WDC Storage Features

WDC Storage

Quality, durability and reliability can be built into our products only when we control every aspect of their creation. So, we design the drives, we manufacture them and we test them. We even design and test the packaging used to ship them.

We control every design and production step. We do it all.

Extreme Technology Requires Extreme Care

In 1974, the flying height of a recording head over a hard disk was equivalent to a commercial aircraft flying at 15 centimeters. Today, that equivalent altitude has been reduced to just 5 millimeters. The drive head now has to withstand repeated vertical accelerations of 300 Gs and lateral accelerations

of 1000 Gs. What's more, whereas the jet is designed for 60,000 takeoffs and landings, we design the heads for 100,000,accelerations of 300 Gs and lateral accelerations of 1000 Gs. What's more, whereas the jet is designed for 60,000 takeoffs and landings, we design the heads for 100,000.

Testing is Tough

How tough is it? Our newly launched WD Scorpio 2.5-inch EIDE drives were performance-tested continuously over four days while they were shaken and struck with a hammer every ten seconds - more than 34,000 times.

D team members are dedicated to testing drives - ensuring they adhere to rigorous quality standards covering hundreds of performance characteristics. About 1,000 PCs in WD's Functional Integrity Testing (FIT) lab put WD drives through the paces around the clock.

Other groups up the ante, simulating extreme real-world conditions including high and low temperatures, electronic and magnetic interference and even torturous drop testing. Only after a new drive family passes these rigorous tests does it get shipped to you.

It Works in Your System

Although our drives are designed to meet or exceed industry standards, we take compatibility testing a step further by making sure our drives work flawlessly with the operating systems that run virtually all new PCs. So when we say our drive is compatible – we mean it.

RoHS and WEEE Compliant

D products manufactured and sold worldwide after August 1, 2005, meet or exceed Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compliance requirements as mandated by the European

Union for electrical and electronic products. The RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC of the European Parliament, which was effective in the EU beginning July 1, 2006, aims to protect human health and the environment by restricting the use of certain hazardous substances in new equipment, and consists of restrictions on lead, mercury, cadmium, and other substances.

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive was developed to minimize the disposal of electrical and electronic equipment into landfills. WD hard drive products and packaging include the WEEE symbol in support of this directive

Sony Storage Features

Sony Storage

Storage & Recording Media

Sony has developed a range of reliable storage and recording media you can depend on for recording, transferring or storing your information. If you wish to transfer information from one PC to another, we offer the Sony

Memory Stick or our range of Microvault USB Storage media. Wish to store a lot of information for long-term use? Our data storage media is your solution.

Pick from our credible audio and video media for your audio or video data storage needs. We solve all your storage problems.

Memory Stick

Storing and sharing information have never been more convenient with the Sony range of Memory Stick and

related accessories. Able to store and transfer data, music, movie and picture files, it's the perfect companion wherever you go.


Data Storage Media

To ensure your valuable data is properly recorded and stored, Sony offers you a range of reliable data storage media from the affordable to the technologically advanced, depending on the type of data.

Video Media

Watch your favourite movies, TV programs or home videos over and over again with Sony's collection of Video Media, allowing you to record and play any show you want on a variety of formats.

Audio Media

Providing options for recording your audio data, Sony's selection of high quality audio media ranges from the traditional to the new. Depending on what recording devices you use, we have what you need.

LG Storage Features

LG Storage

LG Optical Storage series are designed to offer the most reliability and advanced technology to multi media users


CD-Rom Drive

- Optical Storage Standard "Most preferred by PC's Worldwide"


CD-R/RW Drive

- Self-created Digital World "Used it 1,000 times, Still good as New"

DVD Rom Drive

- Digital Harmony of A/V "Enjoy Home Theater in Your PC"


DVD-R/RW Drive

- World's First "Compatible with all DVD formats!"

Combo Drive

- Simplified & Convenient Digital Life "CD-RW & DVD-Rom in one"

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